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Hand Made to Order!

We are a small family owned and operated business and all our beds are made to order!

Local pickup and Delivery

Come pick up your order at our location, or we can personally deliver it to you (See About page for more info!)

Focused on Quality

We put time and attention into the small details to produce a one-of-a-kind product at top quality!


Curves are what makes our “Monet” style bed  a showstopper. The arched headboard and classic wrap-around footboard makes this design everyones absolute favourite.  With it’s vintage grand design and a few modern changes to allow this curved footboard to be spacious and fit modern, plusher mattresses, and luxurious bedding, it is sure to make you feel like royalty! 


Available in sizes: King, Queen (shown).

Available in colours: White (shown), Light Grey, Stain. 


There is elegance in simplicity with our “Antoinette” style bed. The straight sleek lines are a pure timeless beauty and the simple yet elegant style embellished with a stunning arrangement of wood appliques is sure to compliment any room.


Available in sizes: King, Queen (shown).

Available in colours: White (shown), Light Grey, Stain.


The “Rosalee” design has an elegant arched headboard and three section footboard. The dainty applique design makes this piece both romantic and sophisticated. 


Available in sizes: King, Queen (shown).

Available in colours: White, Light Grey (shown), Stain.



We call this the Cherie, which is french for sweetheart, because of the shape of it’s absolutely gorgeous double arched headboard. This unique headboard and wrap-around footboard are come together to be the most eloquent in our collection. 


Available in sizes: King (shown), Queen.

Available in colours: White, Light Grey, Stain (shown).