Hello and welcome to French Country Furnishings.

Owned and operated by Glenn and Pearl Meville and assisted by our lovely sons Nathan and Dylan.

We are a furniture manufacturing company based out of Saskatoon, SK., Canada.

I, Pearl Meville have been refinishing antique wood furniture for over a decade and decided to fill a void in my market with my designs of new-old looking, yet extremely stylish heirloom solid wood bedroom furnishings. I have teamed up with my amazing carpenter husband, Glenn, and have asked him to make my furniture designs a reality. SO HERE WE GO!

We design and build high quality wood pieces that resemble the early era of furniture that was built to last generations. We are creating furniture to pass down through your family. We have always admired the detail and craftsmanship that was present in antique real wood furniture and realized how much it is missing in today’s mass production and big box store low quality pieces. I particularly have a fondness for antique beds and the grandeur and feel they introduce to a bedroom. The bed is the Statement that makes a room – the room. Your bed should always be the main focal point that demands attention.

So we have embarked on a mission to build stately, regal beds that replicate the feel and look and the old style charm that antique beds evoked. Knowing that authentic antique beds came no larger than a double size, we NOW are bringing you Queen and King sizes to fit the modern world we live in.

We use only the finest of materials. These magnificent pieces are made from Canadian Maple hardwood and embellished with decadent wood moldings.

All our pieces are hand assembled with care.

Your home is your castle, so why not sleep like royalty!


General Info

Our beds are crafted from Canadian Maple Hardwood and embellished by hand with gorgeous wood appliques. They are assembled with great care and rest assured we pay attention to every detail. Each order comes with a headboard, matching footboard, and wood side rails.

Assembly is quick and simple, our beds are designed to fit around your existing standard bed frame and mattresses. See our About page for assembly instructions.
All curved footboards are based on antique designs but have been modified to fit today’s modern mattresses, with extra room to tuck in your luxurious bedding.

Your bed is made to order. This can take between 3-12 weeks depending on availability and current order volume we are processing. With our high standard of care and attention to detail we give to each piece we make this means you get the best quality product possible. We work fast, but we are a small family business!

If you would like to know a more accurate time estimate, please contact us directly using the form below and include the style and size of the bed you’re interested in.  We offer local pickup from our location, and personal delivery within a ~300km radius of Saskatoon, SK.  We are happy to arrange shipping via transport company, or personal delivery to locations farther away for a cost.  Please contact us for further information.


Will you deliver my bed?

We are based in Saskatoon, SK., Canada. If you are in Saskatoon or the surrounding area (300km radius) we will deliver your bed personally to your doorstep for a small fee (depending on distance). If you are located farther away, please contact us using the contact form below to discuss options. 

Do you ship via courier across Canada or worldwide?

Currently we only officially offer local pickup or personal local delivery.  Please contact us using the contact form below if you are interested in having your order shipped via courier, and we can discuss options, shipping costs, and timeframes.

What is included with my order?

 Each order includes one headboard, matching footboard, two wooden side rails, and assembly instructions.  Our beds are made to fit around your existing standard metal bed frame (not included)

How do I assemble my bed?

Place your assembled standard metal bed frame on the floor (with no box spring or mattress on it yet) where you want your bed to be.  Stand up your headboard and footboard.  Line up your included wood side rails with the included (already attached) brackets and screw it together into the pre-drilled holes with the included screws.


I have more questions!

Email us using the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you ASAP!


1) Assemble your steel bed frame (not included) following the standard instructions included when you purchased it.

2) Place your French Country Furnishings headboard in position.  While holding one side rail, line up the pre-drilled holes through the metal bracket and screw together using the included screws. Repeat on the opposite side using the second side rail

3) Place your footboard in position, align the metal brackets and screw in.

4) Make sure all the screws are tight enough to ensure your bed is stable.

5) Place your mattress on the metal frame. 

6) Sleep like royalty!